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Inner Horizons Therapies

We donít treat aches, pains and emotional upsets - instead we treat the Whole Person - Body, Mind and Spirit.

Illness is not just about physical pain, however painful; and itís not just about feeling depressed or tired all the time. Neither is it about suffering from irrational fears and phobias or having panic attacks that place unacceptable limits on the quality of life. All of these symptoms and conditions are simply a sign that there is an imbalance between the body, the mind and the Meridian Energy system.

Treating just the physical pain is not enough to bring about healing at the deepest levels. Very often, someone with severe physical pain needs to talk and be heard before the pain can stop. In a similar vein, working to eradicate an irrational fear or long term depression without looking at the whole person would be no more than treating a symptom and not the cause. At Inner Horizons, we work in partnership with our clients to help restore balance in every part of their lives.

Because we know that no one therapy is right for everyone, we offer a choice of very different therapies and sometimes, even weave two or more together to create something that is unique to a particular clients needs. We donít sell expensive supplements, though we may recommend that you go and buy some. Neither do we watch the clock when we should be listening to you because we want you to feel relaxed and at ease.

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Wear something comfortable when coming for a treatment.
Ladies, we would recommend trousers or leggings.
Please do not be embarrassed, in most cases we do NOT
need to know the ailement. Our aim is always to make you as comfortable as possible!
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General Therapy Information

All Therapy takes place in friendly and relaxing surroundings
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Our Therapists are all highly experienced and skilled in the Therapies they practice

We provide a totally confidential service and always work in best interests of our clients

First treatments normally take a little longer than follow up ones, so please bear this in mind when booking

Our practice is fully insured.