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Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing is Suzanne’s own personal method of combining Kinesiology (pronounced kin – easy - ology) and Donna Eden’s ground breaking Energy Medicine along with some other very effective Energy Work techniques.

Kinesiology, which is an integration of Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and the science of muscle movement, is a true integration of Eastern and Western medicine that was originally developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960’s as a non-invasive system of healthcare.

Energy Medicine is not only one of the most amazing and successful systems of healing in the Western world, it is a system that offers practical techniques that can help prevent health dis-orders starting.

Energy Balancing helps rebalance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body and mind, allowing them to work together for overall health and well-being; it works with the bodies’ physical, mental / emotional and subtle energy systems through rebalancing meridian energy, acupuncture points (no needles are used) neuro-lymphatic points, spinal reflexes and the chakra system.

The treatment sessions are always relaxing, energizing and empowering and offer excellent results with many health conditions.

What We offer
Training Courses
An Energy Balancing session is normally 1½ hours
Note: First treaments can take longer
Friendly Advice
Wear something comfortable when coming for a treatment.
Ladies, we would recommend trousers or leggings.
Call Our Information Line
+44 (0)1890 781 360
Energy Balancing

What to Expect:
• Complete confidentiality
• Understanding & support

During a Treatment:
• Gentle movement of major muscles
• massage of Lymphatic points

After a Treatment:
• Feel alert
• Energized
• Sense of being in balance

Please read all the information above regarding Energy Balancing sessions.