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Hypnotherapy Treatments

Your Hypnotherapy session..

All consultations and subsequent therapy take place in a comfortable, supportive and relaxed atmosphere and it should be stressed that all client information is treated with the utmost and complete confidentiality.

Our aim is ensure that you have the time and space to discuss your situation or condition and to also ask any questions you may have regarding hypnotherapy in general and as it applies to your particular situation.

The actual hypnotherapy session will commence with you being guided into a very calm and yet alert state, which leaves the whole body and mind feeling relaxed.

Following on from this, special techniques are used that help to deepen that state of relaxation, release stress, and re-programme the unconscious part of the mind where most of our negative attitudes and their subsequent physical / emotional states originate from.

What We offer
Training Courses
A Hypnotherapy session normally lasts 1½ hours
Note: First treaments can be up to 2 hours
Friendly Advice
Wear something comfortable when coming for a treatment. Remember to switch off your mobile phone.
You will feel both rested and wide awake after
the session so it is completely safe to drive.
Call Our Information Line
+44 (0)1890 781 360
Hypnotherapy Treatment

What to Expect:
• Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
• Complete confidentiality
• Understanding & support

During a Treatment:
• Calm but aware
• Deep relaxation

After a Treatment:
• Positive mental state
• Peaceful
• Alert

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