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Chakra Workshop

This workshop will be of interest both to Practitioners of energy work (including Reiki) and those who are simply interested in exploring the subtle energy system. It will be a very full, enlightening and enjoyable weekend that will not only enhance your treatments (whatever modality you work with) but will also help you to understand yourself, your family and those close to you, in a new and clarifying light.

Knowledge of this ancient system can help to quicken the healing process enormously.

This 2 day workshop offers the opportunity to:

• Focus on the chakra system
• Become more familiar with sensing chakras
• Learn techniques for clearing, repairing, balancing and healing the chakras
• Understand how the chakras work and what they do
• Focus on your own healing process in a gentle but profound way

Be more effective in the energy work that you do, whether this is with family and friends
or your clients The workshop is open to anyone regardless of whether they practice
Reiki or not

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Price and DurationBook
£150  (Deposit £35)  2 Full Days
Pre-requisites For Training
Not to be missed!
A wonderful course available to all
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+44 (0)1890 781 360
Chakra Workshop Itinerary

What to Expect:
• Chakras - What are they & how they function
• How chakras respond to energy – we will be working with:
• Crystals
• Tachyon cells
• Tuning forks
• Singing bowls
• Your Chakra Profile
• Chakra awareness through dowsing & muscle testing
• The 7 Ages of the Chakras
• Giving and receiving a chakra balance with tuning forks, tachyon cells, crystals and sounds
• Exercising your chakras
• Using Mudras to keep the chakras healthy
• Exercising your chakras