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Energy Worker Workshop

For many years now, we have practised Reiki, EFT, Hypnotherapy and Touch for Health and during this time have been developing our own kind of Energy Medicine, incorporating elements of kinesiology, hypnotherapy, qigong and chakra healing and energy psychology.

Each modality is a powerful healing system in its own right but what has really made an impression on us is how they not only complement each other but they also open the door to a far deeper understanding of humans as Energy Beings

We designed this workshop so that you can use most of the techniques on yourself and all of them on your clients. It is not necessary to have taken Reiki training but if you have, all the better.

This course is the combination of many years of study, hands-on practice and teaching and we know that it will widen your knowledge and improve your own practice enormously. No matter what modality you work with this workshop will enable you to offer something very different and extremely effective to your clients. .

If you are not a practicing therapist, the course still offers some amazing techniques for working with and improving your own health and well being.

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Price and DurationBook
£175  (Deposit £35)  2 Full Days
Pre-requisites For Training
Reiki is advantageous but not compulsory
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+44 (0)1890 781 360
Energy Worker Workshop Itinerary

What to Expect:
• Introduction to the Meridian Energy System
• The 5 Minute Energy Workout
• Energising the Immune System
• Keeping Your Own Energies Zinging
• Listening to the Energy System
• Connecting with and Healing the Organs through Meridian Energy
• Projecting Healing Energy
• Healing - the Qigong Way
• And so much more !