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Harmony & Healing – 1 Day Workshop

As we move towards winter which is traditionally a time of inner contemplation, why not spend a day clearing out the old energy and strengthening that which remains.

Most of the techniques learned in this workshop are rooted in Shamanism and whilst they can be used with family, friends and clients, primarily, Harmony & Healing is for you.

When you take time out to let go of old and unhelpful habits, negative energy and self limiting beliefs, what you are left with is your true potential – worth more than gold!

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£80  (Deposit £20)  1 Full Day
Pre-requisites For Training
Open to all
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+44 (0)1890 781 360
Harmony & Healing Workshop Itinerary

What to Expect:
• Burning Your Bridges
o Using meditation and ritual to release negativity and dis-ease

• Cutting the Cords
o Powerful technique for release and renewal

•  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Techniques for Healing
o Reducing pain
o Reducing emotional trauma
o Restoring balance

•  Temporal Lobe Tapping
o This technique combines the benefits of autosuggestion, neurological reprogramming and powerful affirmations. Its effects are felt not only by each energy meridian but also by the brain itself. This is a simple but extremely effective way to change many patterns that cannot be overcome by willpower alone.